Dance Family Oath

The Dance Family Oath exists to ensure that all dancers experience dance in a respectful, happy, supportive, and safe environment. We are a community of empowerment. All parents and dancers should review this before agreeing to dance at The Dance Company.

I will:

  1. Conduct myself with professional behavior at all studio-related events physically inside and outside the studio
  2. Respect and follow advice and direction provided by the dance instructors
  3. Follow Dance Company Hierarchy when emailing any questions, comments, or concerns
  4. Abide and respect all policies and procedures set forth by The Dance Company of Minot as outlined in all Dance Company Policies
  5. Encourage my dancer(s) to dance as long as he/she is interested in dancing
  6. Ensure to bring my dancer(s) to class on time to avoid disrupting the instructor and other students
  7. Ensure my dancer(s) are "warm". Warm-up is conducted at the start of every class and it is imperative that all dancers participate in warm-up to ensure that their body is ready for physical activity
  8. Ensure my dancer is dressed in the appropriate clothing and shoes for each class in accordance with the Dance Company Dress Code, including having hair in the appropriate style and removing all jewelry and accessories before each class
  9. Focus positively on my dancers’ performance rather than the overall outcome of the performance or audition
  10. Encourage my dancer to follow the rules of The Dance Company and any competition they enter into
  11. Support all efforts to remove any verbal and physical abuse from all dance activities
  12. Inform the staff and dance instructors of any extended vacations or absences which will affect my dancer(s)

I will not:

  1. Raise an issue with or question a teacher's judgment, EVER
  2. Ridicule or yell at my dancer, or any other dancer, for ANYTHING
  3. Make disparaging remarks of any type with regard to instructors, choreographers, costumes, other parents and dancers, other studios or publicly criticize them publicly or privately, inside or outside the studio when participating in studio events.

I understand that:

  1. If myself, or my dancer exhibits inappropriate behavior my dancer may be removed from any and all dance classes.
  2. I agree to partner with instructors and the Director to resolve behavioral issues immediately so my dancer may return to class promptly
  3. Parents/Guardians must supervise their dancer(s) while waiting at the studio to ensure that they do not disrupt classes, injure themselves or other dancers, or cause damage to the premises.
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